<div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (set:$chased to 0) Your name is Ammi. You are a simple farmer, born and raised. Nothing of note has ever happened to your small community. That is, until [[<strong style="color:red">IT</Strong> ->Brief_Intro]] came. </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> One night a meteor plummeted from the sky and crashed somewhere off in the woods. The land it came to rest on belonged to Nahum, your best friend and neighbor. At first, you welcome the attention the event brought to your community. Nahum is thrilled that something of interest has finally happened; he loves telling stories and you know this will become one of his favorite yarns to spin. As the initial excitement subsides, your mind turns to other [[thoughts ->_pon]]. </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Nahum Gardner has been your best friend and neighbor since you first entered this life. A fellow farmer, he has been by your side for as long as you can remember. Through harsh winters and bountiful harvests you have helped each other maintain your farms, which are your livelihood and the lifeblood of your families. As the years passed, your [[families->ammi_family_intro]] have grown extrememly close.</div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You wonder... [[Has anyone actually seen it? -> ppl_met_area]] [[Did the meteor hurt anyone? -> Metror_hurt_ppl]] [[Where is the meteor now? -> Metror_area]] And then more importantly... what effect did the meteor have on [[Nahum->Nahum_intro]]?. </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Luckily, the meteor landed in a sparsely occupied area in the woods, and no people or livestock were hurt. When it hit, the ground shook for miles around and the sound of the impact resonated throughout the countryside. [[You remembered the blast...->_pon]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Like most meteors, it gouged a substantial hole in the ground. Oddly, no one you heard from could agree on the size of the actual rock. The last you heard, it had vanished completely after the most recent storm, although nobody knows where it went. [[Maybe someone stole it? ...->_pon]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You overheard some strangers talking about what they had observed of the celestial castaway. They said the meteor was warm and soft. They took a sample and borrewed a bucket from a farmer- must have been Nahum- but it began to burn through the metal pail. Before you could hear any more the scientists left, hardly sparing you a glance. [[You never trusted their kind anyway...->_pon]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> The Gardner family is a loud and friendly bunch, humble and kind. Mrs.Gardner, Nabby, resolutely runs the daily household activities. Nabby and your wife are best friends. Nabby maintains discipline over their three sons (Zenas, Thaddeus, and Merwin) and would likely do the same with your children, if you had any. [[You do have a child!->your_kids]] [[You do not have any kids.->no_Kids]]</div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Of course! The good Lord had blessed you with a child. (set: $is_Child to 1 ) Your wife was so happy to finally be able to tell people: [["We have a son!"->set_son]] [["we have a daughter!"->set_d]]</div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Sadly, you never had the time for children. <!-- set varuble here to no kids bool value--> (set: $is_Child to 0) [[Time passes... ->Story_begin]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (set: $Child to 'Geralt') You have a rambunctious little boy. You named him $Child, after your father. [[Life continues...->Story_begin]] </div> </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (set: $Child to 'Ciri') Ah yes, you have a sweet little girl. Your wife named her $Child. A strange name, but you approved. [[What else happened...?->Story_begin]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Eventually, the excitement surrounding the meteor calmed down and life settled back to normal. But that was not to last. After a while things started to [get strange]<cl1| (click-replace:?cl1)[[[ disappear->newadded_Story_begin]]] (click: ?cl1)[Things grew unnaturally] (click: ?cl1)[Animals died] (click: ?cl1)[Plants withered] </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You're not sure why, but the local country folk and outsiders alike started avoiding Nahum's farm and the roads around it. As word in the country is often spread by passersby, you hear less and less from and about Nahum, until you eventually hear nothing at all. Concern begins to build. [time passes...]<cl3| (click: ?cl3)[ [[Goodbye_text<- months pass ]] ] (click: ?cl3)[weeks pass] (click: ?cl3)[days pass] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="timer_block_2"></div> <div id="blackbakcground"style="margin-top:-25px;"> <div id="text_div"> (if: $is_Child is 0)[ As you begin to leave, she warns you; <b style="color:red">"Be back before dark."<b> [[<b style="color:orange">Say goodbye</b>-> Say_goodbye]] [[<b style="color:orange">Nod and leave.</b> -> Main_Story_Starts_1]]] (if: $is_Child is 1)[ As you hold her, your wife warns <b style="color:red">"Be back before dark."<b>. You turn to hug $Child, but they've started to wander into another room. [[<b style="color:orange">Catch $Child and say goodbye</b>-> Say_goodbye]] [[<b style="color:orange">Let $Child go</b> -> Main_Story_Starts_1]]] </div> </div> </div> {(live:10s)[ (if: $var is true) [TOO LATE(goto:" Main_Story_Starts_1")(stop:)]]} <audio autoplay loop src="http://depts.washington.edu/physdx/audio/mr.mp3"></audio><div id="Openplains"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You step out of your house and onto the road. Birds sing in the distance. It's still bright and early. (set: $time to 1) [[Walk to Nahum's ->walking_option]] [[Ride to Nahum's -> riding_option]] [[You decide not to go. It's not worth it->listen_to_wife ]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You'll never know what happened to Nahum. You later hear that a bomb went off the Gardner house, but it's only a rumour. [[You left them there.->ending_1_1]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_ForestPath"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Perhaps due to the fear of what might await you, you find yourself in no hurry to get to Nahum's farm. You [[walk->walking_option_passage]] to the house, enjoying the sun on your face. You wonder about Nahum and the rest of the Gardeners, and hope they're alright. <audio src="https://freesound.org/people/tigersound/sounds/15562/" autoplay> </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_ForestPath"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You have the feeling that time is of the essence. You saddle up your favorite horse, Hero. You've had him since he was a colt, and he's served you faithfully. You begin the journey to [[Nahum's farm.-> riding_option_passage]]. (set: $horse to 1) <audio src="http://www.freespecialeffects.co.uk/soundfx/animals/horse.wav" autoplay> </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_link_Cottage"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You take a minute to look at: [[the vegetable garden->vegi_garden]] [[the woods->look_woods]] [[the well -> the_well]] [[Check the time->check_on_time]] (if: $horse is 1)[ You check on Hero; he seems spooked and tugs at the [brittle]<cl6| post to which his reins are tethered. (click:?cl6)[The wood pole is dull and is fragile, which is odd since you helped Nahum replace it less than a year ago.] [[Retie Hero closer to the house.-->get_close_to_house]] [[Comfort Hero->hero_comfert]] ] (if: $horse is 0)[[[You walk to the house-> Main_Story_Starts_2_house]]] [[You've changed your mind. You want to go home.->Sure?]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="well"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">You peer inside the old stone circle. The [darkness]<cl4| inside seems to go on forever. <audio autoplay loop src="http://users.wpi.edu/~theatre/res/resources/Sound/heartmurmur.wav"></audio> (click-replace: ?cl4)[Something faint glows far down inside the well. You can't make out the[ colour]<cl5| , but it makes you feel uneasy.] (click: ?cl5)[ "You couldn't tell what it was. Strange, because it was so clear. You try not to think about it."] (set: $time to $time +1) [[Lean closer-> lean_closer_Wall]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> As soon as the reins, [slip loose from the knot]<cl7|(click:?cl7)[Hero rears up and knocks you down before bolting away]. He disappears down the road in a blaze of dust and is out of sight before you have time to react. (click:?cl7)[Hero has left you here.] (set: $time to $time +1) (set: $horse to 0) [[Go to the farm house -> Main_Story_Starts_2_house]]. </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You try to comfort Hero, pulling an apple from your pocket and [[offering it to him -> c_hero_apple]]. <audio src="https://freesound.org/people/Koops/sounds/20281/" autoplay> </div> </div> </div> <audio src="http://www.freespecialeffects.co.uk/soundfx/animals/horse.wav" autoplay><div id="livingroom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You are inside the Gardner house. It is extremely cold, even more so than it should be for this time of year. You see Nahum on the couch by the unlit fireplace, and Zenas plodding back and forth from a pile of logs to the hearth. [[Go upstairs-> wander_around]] [[Check the time->look_out_the_window]] [[Talk to Nahum on the couch->talk_to_na]] [[Talk to Zenas->Talk_to_Zenas]] [[Go outside the house->on_road_2]] (if: $z_help is 1)[[[Ask Zenas to accompany you->zenus_help_page]]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_VegetablePatch-"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (set: $time to $time +1) You approach the vegetable garden. Or, at least, what you thought used to be the vegetable garden. What's there now is [hardly recognizable.]<cl8|. (click:?cl8)[A grotesque and ovegrown mockery of what used to serve as Rahum's family's prize garden. [The cabbages]<cl9| are huge and sick looking. You look closer at the [other plants.]<cl11|](click: ?cl11)[ They are massive and warped, and give off a strange odor. There's something wrong with their color as well, but you can't place it.] [[Eat something->infected_eat]] [[Return to the yard->arival]] (click-replace: ?cl9)[[The turnips]<cl10|] (click-replace: ?cl10)[[...Or is that brocolli?-]<cl10|] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Looking by the edge of the woods, you find some [odd marks]<cl20|. (click-replace: ?cl20)[strange footprints. Almost the usual winter prints of red squirrels, white rabbits, and foxes, but you notice something is not quite right about their nature and arrangement.] The trees are thicker than you remember, and you [[examine them.->arivalx]] (set: $time to $time +1) </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_G"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> As you look closely at the bare trees, you notice that the bark has a strange tinge. What an unnatural hue. As chill runs down your spine. You quickly head [[back to the farm ->arival]] <audio autoplay loop src="http://www.freespecialeffects.co.uk/soundfx/various/noise01.wav"></audio> </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_VegetablePatch-"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> It tastes very odd, bitter and hot. You wonder why. You feel a little queazy. (set: $infection to 1) [[Shrug it off.->arival]]</div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div><div id="well"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Whatever that glow was, it has now completely faded away. Despite straining your eyes and waiting, it does not reappear. The odor is starting to make you nauseous. [[Return to the yard->arival]] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Hero anxiously sniffs at the offered apple before deeming it satisfactory. He munches on it gingerly while his head sways back and forth as if checking for an unseen predator. (set: $hero_apple to 1) You [[untie Hero->hero_untie]] and let him graze. </div> </div> </div> Double-click this passage to edit it.<div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">(if: $hero_apple is 1)[ Hero takes a moment to look at the strange, brittle grass before leaning down to nibble at it. [[Let him graze -> let_him_eat_poison]] [[Take him closer to the house->retie_hero_closer]] ] (if:$hero_apple is 0)[(goto: get_close_to_house) ] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> He eats slowly, every movement burdensome, almost as if he feels obligated to. In the hopes that he will calm, you leave him to graze. Hero munches steadily on the grass, the brittle crunching an unpleasant noise. You don't know how he stands the coarse vegetation, but he seems compelled to eat more. You leave him to eat his fill of the grey grass. (set: $horse to 2) You enter the [[ Main_Story_Starts_2_house<-house.]] [[Return to the yard->arival]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You retie Hero closer to the house, making sure the reigns are secure through an iron loop on a low but sturdy stone wall. Hero backs away until the reigns are taut and you realize that he is trying to move as far away from the house as possible. You pat him comfortingly. He whinnies softly and balks. (set: $horse to 1) (set: $time to $time + 1) You hesitantly enter the [[ Main_Story_Starts_2_house<-house]]. The front door creaks are you open it. <audio src="https://freesound.org/people/sorce/sounds/322123/" autoplay> </div> </div> </div> <audio src="http://www.freespecialeffects.co.uk/soundfx/animals/horse.wav" autoplay> <div id="backgrounds_hallway"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">(set: $time to $time + 1) You head up the creaky stairs to the second level. (if: $key is 0)[All of the doors in the hallways are locked.. there is nothing for you to see here. Perhaps you should talk to the Gardners before wandering through their house. [[Return downstairs-> Main_Story_Starts_2_house]] ] (if:$key is 1)[ You are in the hallway upstairs. You see four [[rooms->room_Selection]] and a [[look_out_the_window<-window.]] ] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_sky"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You walk over to the closest window and peer through the glass. You remember your wife's warning. (if: $time <5 )[(set: $discription to "morning") It is $discription. The sun is high and the day is just beginning.] (if: $time >5 and $time <= 10)[(set: $discription to "afternoon")Hmm... it's $discription. The sun is overhead, bearing down on the land.] (if: $time >10 and $time <= 20)[(set: $discription to "late afternoon")Hmm... it's $discription. The sun is descending. You should move faster.] (if: $time >20 and $time <= 30)[(set: $discription to "early sunset")The shadows grow long as it's $discription. Is it getting ...dark? You should hurry.] (if: $time >30 and $time <= 40)[(set: $discription to "late sunset")It is $discription. Night has almost fallen. You have little time left. Hurry.] (if: $time >40)[(set: $discription to "Night!") $discription has fallen. Your wife's words haunt you.] [[living_room_copy<-Go to the living room. ]] (if:$key is 1)[ [[room_Selection<-Go to the upstairs hallway]]] </div> </div> </div><div id="livingroom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> "Missed you, Ammi... you don't come by anymore." He sighs. "Nobody does." (if:$Child is 0)["It's a shame you never had any kids."](else:)["How is little $Child?"] He coughs weakly and stares, glassy-eyed. [[ask about zenas->z_info]] [[ask about Mrs.Gardner->w_info]] [[ask about the state of the farm ->F_info]] [[ask about the garden -> p_info]] [[Return to the living room->living_room_copy]] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (if: (count: (history:), "Talk_to_Zenas") >= 1 )[He stares blankly] (if: (count: (history:), "Talk_to_Zenas") >= 2 )[He blinks at you, confused] (if: (count: (history:), "Talk_to_Zenas") >= 3 )[He mumbles and walks around, adding wood to the cold unlit fireplace. ] (if: (count: (history:), "Talk_to_Zenas") >= 5 )[Zenas seems like he wants to help, but can only follow simple commands and direct requests. (set: $z_help to 1) ] [[Try talking to him again ->Talk_to_Zenas]] (set: $time to $time + 1) [[Return to the living room-> Main_Story_Starts_2_house]] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You ask Zenas to accompany you. He walks along behind, slouching and breathing heavily. Still, he seems willing to help. [[Back to the house -> Main_Story_Starts_2_house]]</div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> He stares at you. “In the well... he lives in the well,” he babbles. You glance at Zenas, who stares blankly and throws logs into the unlit fireplace. Unsettled and mildly alarmed, you [[talk_to_na<- change the subject.]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">" Nahum looks at you like you are the crazy one. He points to an empty part of the room and responds that [[Nabby->w_2]] is right there. You wince, unsure of how to respond. [[talk_to_na<- Ask him something else]] You are thoroughly vexed. As this strange conversation is getting nowhere, you [[decide to leave.->living_room_copy]]</div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> "Dead, long ago. First chickens, then sheep, then cows." "All gone." He sobs quietly. [[talk_to_na<- Ask him something else.]]</div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> "Beautiful cabbages. Nabby is so proud!" He looks down, sad. "Wouldn't eat anything from there now though..." [[talk_to_na<- Ask him something else.]]</div> </div> </div><div id="livingroom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You hear a thump from upstairs. Maybe Nabby is up there? You remember Nahum keeps the keys by the door, and you walk over and take them. There are four keys on the brass ring, The metal is dusted in what looks like chalk. (set: $key_1 to 1) (set: $key to 1) [[Ask Nahum something else ->talk_to_na]]</div> </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> </div> (if: $infection is 1)[ Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. You stumble toward the door. You want to [[go home.->night_check]] ] (if: $infection is 0)You want to [[[go home.->night_check]]] </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_hallway"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You are in the upstairs hallway. There are four bedrooms and a window. [[room one->room_1]] [[room two->room_2]] [[room three->room_3]] [[room four->room_4]] [[Check the time by looking out the window->look_out_the_window]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_rooms_door"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You try the various [[keys->room_1]] you picked up... (if: (count: (history:),"room_1") >= 2 )[ You try the second key- it works! [[You unlock and open the next door->the next door unlocks]] ] [[room_Selection<- Return to the hallway.]] (set: $time to $time + 2) </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_rooms_door"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (set: $time to $time + 2) You try the [keys]<cl222| you picked up... (click:?cl222)[Aha! Third key's the charm! You [[room2_unlocks<- walk in. ]]] (click:?cl222)[Second one doesn't work either. ] (click:?cl222)[First key doesn't work.] (if: (count: (history:),"room_2") >= 2 )[Better hurry. (set: $time to $time + 2) ] [[room_Selection<- Go back to the hallway]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_rooms_door"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">Try the [[first key->room_3]] (if: (count: (history:),"room_3") >0)[ You tried the first key you picked up - it works! [[Enter the bedroom->beed_room]] ] (set: $time to $time + 1) </div> </div> </div><audio autoplay src="http://www.fionasplace.net/creepysounds/CREAK.wav"></audio> <div id="backgrounds_rooms_door"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">[[Return to the hallway->room_Selection]] What a strange room... (if:$room_unlock is 0)[Sorry, you didnt unlock it yet!] (if:$room_unlock is 1 )[Congratulations! You have earned the [[board of truth!->extra_]]] (set: $time to $time + 1) </div> </div> </div><div id="NabbyRoom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> The air is acrid and it is very dark. [[Investigate other rooms first ->room_Selection]] (if: $z_help is 1 and $axe is 0)[Zenas gently touches your arm and mumbles something about needing protecion before going any further ] [Open the next door]<cl27| (click-replace: ?cl27)[A cloud eclipses the window, and a second later you are brushed by some hateful current of vapour. But you can think only of the blasphemous monstrosity in front of you. It all too clearly had shared the nameless fate of young Thaddeus and the livestock, but the terrible thing about the horror was that it very slowly and perceptibly [[moved->closer_look]] as it continued to crumble] </div></div></div> <audio autoplay src="http://www.fionasplace.net/creepysounds/CREAK.wav"></audio> <div id="backgrounds_Empty_bed"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> you found a [diary]<cl25|... (set: $time to $time + 1) (click: ?cl25)[diary entry 78; You cannot decipher the text. It is only scratch marks and ink blots. ] (click: ?cl25)[diary entry 67; Disjointed phrases; you find it a little hard to understand. Nabby's hands were shaking when she wrote it- she writes about her children and the son that went missing. She writes how it burns unbearably. ] (click: ?cl25)[diary entry 45; A brief and typical excerpt, soon after the meteor fell. Nabby was amused at all the strange visitors, but she admits the attention was a little much. She was excited to see how the new vegetable patch would fare.] (set: $Dbook to 1) [[room_Selection<-Return to the hallway]] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="timer_block"></div> <div id="blackbakcground"style="margin-top:-25px;"> <div id="text_div"> <div style="opacity:0">{(live:9s)[ (if: $var is true) [(goto:"option_bare_hands_2")(stop:)]]}</div> It sees you and starts to shamble in your direction. [[<div style="color:red; ">Defend yourself with your bare hands</div> ->option_bare_hands_2]] (if: $axe is 1)[[[<div style="color:red; ">Defend yourself with the axe</div>-> option_2_with_axe]]] </div></div></div> <audio autoplay loop src="http://depts.washington.edu/physdx/audio/mr.mp3"></audio> <div id="NabbyRoom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You swing the broken axe wildly, hitting the foul thing with one blow after another. It collapses in on itself, and you feel you have put it out of its misery. [[nabby_remember<-Poor Nabby.]] </div></div></div>third game over screeen The thing collapses in Ammi's arms and immediately infects him, turning him into a mindless zombie that leaves and clambers down the well and dies. this text is for tracing only---- current timer is $time current $discription horse is $horse kid is $Child hero_apple is $hero_apple are ou infected $infected is z helping $z_help is $key_1 key_1 have the daiery $Dbook <div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You choose to descend the stairs while the sounds continue. (set:$chased to 1) (if: $z_help is 1)[ The grey warped husk that you almost recognize as Nahum shambles towards you. Seeing him in this state breaks your heart, but there is a threat in the way his single remaining eye fleshes that cursed color. [[fist_fight_2<- Fight it hand-to-hand]] [[Run!->leave_monster]] (if: $axe is 1)[[[Use the axe to fight it ->fight_axe_2]]]] (if: $z_help is 0)[ The shambling grey monstrosity that was once Zenas hunches over the place where you know Nahum was sitting. You can't see behind the creature, but you fear for Nahum all the same. The sounds sicken you. [[Call it and lure it from Nahum->distract_m]] [[Flee and leave Nahum->leave_monster]] ] </div></div></div> <audio autoplay loop src="http://drbraukmann.com/DESN275/soundLibrary/peopleSounds/footsteps/run_by_02993_SFX.mp3"></audio><div id="backgrounds_99"><div id="timer_block"></div> <div id="blackbakcground" style="margin-top:-20px;"> <div id="text_div">(set: $time to $time + 1) You return to the hallway. You hear thuds and sliding and other sickening sounds. You could [[down_before_timer<-Go Down now and investigate]] Or wait for it to pass. <div style="opacity:0">{(live:9s)[ (if: $var is true) [(goto:"down_after_timer")(stop:)]]}</div> </div></div></div> <audio autoplay loop src="http://drbraukmann.com/DESN275/soundLibrary/peopleSounds/footsteps/run_by_02993_SFX.mp3"></audio> <audio autoplay loop src="http://depts.washington.edu/physdx/audio/mr.mp3"></audio><div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You wait until the sounds have stopped. The danger has passed, and the now the living room is eerily still. You notice Nahum crawling along the floor as he drags himself forward. You have so many questions, but the gristly sight makes your words die in your throat. He is no longer whole. You manage to find your voice and whisper a [question]<cl99| to Nahum . (click: ?cl99)[“What was it, Nahum—what was it?” you croak. The cleft, bulging lips were just able to crackle out a final [[answer->n_answer]].] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You shout out to it, drawing its attention. The thing lurches grotesquely as it moves toward you, arms outstretched. You can't see Nahum, but at least the thing has left him be. The monster shambles forward. It is almost upon you. [[Defend yourself->fist_fight_2]] (if: $axe is 1)[ [[Use the axe to defend yourself->fight_axe_2]] ] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You stumble outside, running for your life. (if: $horse is 1)[Hero stamps in place, tugging at the post his bridle is attached to. You unhook his reigns and he shakes his head vioilently, thankful to leave this nightmare. (if: $infection is 0)[Your heart thuds in your chest, but someohw you feel clean- like you have left the horror behind. [[night_check<-You ride on.]]] (if: $infection > 0)[You sway where you stand, dizzy and weak as Hero whinnies and tugs at the reins. [[Something feels wrong->night_check]] ]] (if: $horse is 0)[Where Hero once was is but brittle grass stamped clean. As you begin to run you trip on a piece of something- with horror you realize it is a part of something that came from the well. On your back in the dirt you can do nothing but scream as the [[monster catches up with you->you_die_vio_enfing]] ] (if: $horse is 2)[You stumble outside, running for your life. Where Hero once was is a grey and crumbling mass. The grass around the corpse has been eaten clean. His eyes are glassy and [[dead.->you_die_vio_enfing]]dead ] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> unenfected_before_dark GOOD JOB U LIVE </div></div></div> this text is for tracing only---- current timer is $time current $discription horse is $horse kid is $Child hero_apple is $hero_apple are ou infected $infected is z helping $z_help is $key_1 key_1 have the daiery $Dbook are we chased $chased <div id="well"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">(set:$chased to 0) You club the monster until it begins to crumble. As its body caves in it hisses and retreats, sloughing off toward the well. It tips itself over the edge and slides into the darkness. (if: $infection >= 3)[ You're not sure why, but you need to chase it. [[the_well_ending<-You feel compelled forward.]]] (if: $infection <= 2)[ It falls into the murky waters below, and you let it go. You watch it and shiver. It's time to [[go home. ->beat_monster]] ] </div></div></div> <div id="well"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You approach the well. The stone circle is slick, as if something slid along it recently. (if: $infected >= 1)[You feel sick... dizzy. Something draws you toward it. You must obey. You look toward the well. [[Stumble forward.->the_well_ending]]] (if:$infected <=0)[ You glance at the well. Something about it makes your skin crawl. Why did you come here? You need to [[escape.->beat_monster]]] </div></div></div> <audio autoplay loop src="http://www.freespecialeffects.co.uk/soundfx/household/boiling_water.wav"></audio><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (if: $time<40)[ the color explodes all die!!!!! ] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (if:$infected is 1)[ you go hoem but something [[doesnt feel right->infection_ending]]] </div></div> </div> (if:$infected is 0)[ good ending ] (if:$infected is < 1)[ bad enfection you die] this text is for tracing only---- current timer is $time current $discription horse is $horse kid is $Child hero_apple is $hero_apple are ou infected $infected is z helping $z_help is $key_1 key_1 have the daiery $Dbook testing page <div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> It's too close- the smell overpowers you and you retch as it approaches. It lurches forward and you panic. Swinging wildly, you try to [[fight it off with your bare hands.->back_to_well]] (set: $infection to $infection + 1) </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_99"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You grip the splintered wooden handle of the axe and scream, overpowering fear with desperation. You charge and swing, feeling the dull thud as wood meets soaked flesh [[Swing again, and again, and again.->back_to_well]] </div></div></div> Double-click this passage to edit it.Double-click this passage to edit it.Double-click this passage to edit it.<div id="backgrounds_link_Cottage"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You stand outside Nahum's farm It looks more rundown that you remember. The once blue walls look grey in the light. They are less inviting than you have ever seen before. [[Look at the vegetable garden->vegi_garden]] [[Look at the edge of the woods->look_woods]] [[Look at the well -> the_well]] [[Go back to the house -> Main_Story_Starts_2_house]] </div> </div> </div> (if: (count: (history:),"test") is 0 )[ <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> you're a simple farmer. Nothing ever happens in your quiet little village. Nothing at all. [[click to load a diff image ->how_to_have_multiple_images_on_if_statments]] </div> </div> </div> ] (if: (count: (history:),"test") is 1 )[ <div id="backgrounds_3"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> you're a simple farmer. Nothing ever happens in your quiet little village. Nothing at all. [[click to load a diff image ->how_to_have_multiple_images_on_if_statments]] </div> </div> </div> ] (if: (count: (history:),"test") is 2 )[ <div id="backgrounds_3"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> you're a simple farmer. Nothing ever happens in your quiet little village. Nothing at all. [[click to load a diff image ->how_to_have_multiple_images_on_if_statments]] </div> </div> </div> ]<div id="backgrounds_ForestPath"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> As you pass through the boundary threshold, you take a moment to look at the sky. (if: $time <=5 )[(set: $discription to "morning time")] (if: $time >5 and $time <= 10)[(set: $discription to "afternoon")] (if: $time >11 and $time <= 20)[(set: $discription to "late afternoon")] (if: $time >20 and $time <= 30)[(set: $discription to "early sunset")] (if: $time >30 and $time <= 40)[(set: $discription to "late sunset")] (if: $time >=40)[(set: $discription to "Nigh!")] its $discription [[keep going->arival_2]] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_sky"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Your face pivots toward the sun, judging the time by the relative angle of it and the shadows that fall. You remember you should leave before dark. (if: $time <=5 )[(set: $discription to "morning time")] (if: $time >5 and $time <= 10)[(set: $discription to "afternoon")] (if: $time >11 and $time <= 20)[(set: $discription to "late afternoon")] (if: $time >20 and $time <= 30)[(set: $discription to "early sunset")] (if: $time >30 and $time <= 40)[(set: $discription to "late sunset")] (if: $time >=40)[(set: $discription to "Night!")] It is $discription. [[Keep going->arival_2]] [[Look around the house->arival]] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div style="opacity:0">{(live:3s)[ (if: $var is true) [(goto:"avoidance")(stop:)]]}</div> <div id="text_div_3"> Eventually, the excitement surrounding the meteor calmed down and life settled back to normal. But that was not to last. After a while things started to disappear... Things grew unnaturally Animals died Plants withered </div> </div> </div> <!-- notes--> <div id="good"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Time passes. No one goes up to the Gardner land anymore. Eventually they forget the meteor, but something about the woods and sky there seems unclean. Whatever happened to poor Nahum is lost to history. (set: $end_5 to 1) [[back to main_menu->Menu]] </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_ForestPath"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You begin down the road that you have traveled a thousand times before. However, this time, as fear runs through your body, you are more aware of every movement and sound during the trip. Even your own footsteps raise the hairs on your neck. (set: $time to $time + 9) (if: $time <=5 )[(set: $discription to "morning")] (if: $time >5 and $time <= 10)[(set: $discription to "afternoon")] (if: $time >11 and $time <= 20)[(set: $discription to "late afternoon")] (if: $time >20 and $time <= 30)[(set: $discription to "early sunset")] (if: $time >30 and $time <= 40)[(set: $discription to "late sunset")] (if: $time >=40)[(set: $discription to "Nigh!")] It's $discription. [[Keep going->arival]] </div></div></div> <audio src="http://www.arts.rpi.edu/public_html/ruiz/VES01/sebram/final/walk_crop.wav" autoplay><audio loop src="http://www.arts.rpi.edu/public_html/ruiz/VES01/sebram/final/walk_crop.wav" autoplay><div id="backgrounds_ForestPath"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (set: $time to $time + 3) You begin down the road that you have traveled a thousand times before. However, this time, as fear runs through your body, you are more aware of every movement and sound during the trip. Even the rhythmic clopping of Hero's gait seem to startle you. (if: $time <=5 )[(set: $discription to "morning time")] (if: $time >5 and $time <= 10)[(set: $discription to "afternoon")] (if: $time >11 and $time <= 20)[(set: $discription to "late afternoon")] (if: $time >20 and $time <= 30)[(set: $discription to "early sunset")] (if: $time >30 and $time <= 40)[(set: $discription to "late sunset")] (if: $time >=40)[(set: $discription to "Night!")] It's $discription. [[Keep going->arival]]. </div></div></div><div id="livingroom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You are inside the living room. Although you have been here many times before, it now feels like a foreign and strange place. You feel unsafe. [[Wander around-> wander_around]] [[Check the time->look_out_the_window]] [[Talk to Nahum on the couch->talk_to_na]] [[Talk to zenas->Talk_to_Zenas]] (if: $z_help is 1)[[[Ask Zenas to accompany you->zenus_help_page]]] This feels wrong. You decide to <div style="color:red">[[ leave the Gardner house.->exit]] </div> </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> <befroe dark) infectin YOU MAKE IT HOME BUT SOMRHTING ISNT right days later you feel the world starts to go grey at the dges you relize the nightmare is only begning ... </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_Empty_bed"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> you pick up a [broken axe]<cl12|. (click:?cl12)[The axe handle is heavy and is weighted to cut thick wood, however, the blade is dull and is more of a club than a cutting instrument.] (set: $time to $time + 1) (set: $axe to 1) [[back to the hallway ->room_Selection]] </div></div></div> <audio autoplay src="http://www.fionasplace.net/creepysounds/CREAK.wav"></audio> Double-click this passage to edit it.<div id="NabbyRoom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> The thing collapses into your arms, crumbling into dust. The dust is warm and wet, and feels oily against you skin. You feel it seeping into your bones. (set: $infection to $infection +1) [[nabby_remember<-You say a quick prayer.]] </div></div></div><div id="NabbyRoom"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You look down at the pile of grey dust that you once knew as Nabby. You're glad Nahum is no longer well enough to realize what his wife has become. You hear a thud coming from downstairs, followed by loud noises. You feel your stomach lurch as you remember Nahum is down there. (if: $z_help is 1 and $axe is 0)[Zenas shivers, as if he knows what is to come. Whith a voice more rasp than sound, he warns that not all horrors need to be confronted.] [[go to hall way <- You return to the hallway.]] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_InfectedTreeEnding"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> The shambling creature falls upon you, collapsing on top of you in a slushy mass. It's warm and disgusting, but it also burns. Your skin crawls as it wraps around you. You can't breathe or scream- the grey paste oozes around you and you are completely engulfed. You never thought you'de die like this. But you do. (set: $end_2 to 1) [[The coward's way out_menu->Menu]] </div></div></div><div id="well"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> The well calls to you; its murky depths an irressistable force. Something down there is calling and you must answer. The colour compells you forward. You try to resist as you stagger towards the well, but every fibre of your being disobeyes you. You are drawn over the stone circle and down, down, Down. (set: $end_1 to 1) [[A murky end->Menu]] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_link_Cottage"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (if:$chased is 1)[ You crash through the door, careening from the house. It's right behind you. [[RUN RUN RUN->night_check]]] (if:$chased is 0)[You leave this house of death and sorrow. You've managed to escape the monster and emerge [[victorious->night_check]] but...] </div></div></div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div">(if: $infected <1)[ the woods vibbrate and towrds the house as the color exlodes into the sky[[nono_infected_ending]]] (if: $infected >0)[she warned you but you didnt liten the color shooting into the sky they never ind your body[[infected_after_dark_end]]] </div></div></div> this text is for tracing only---- current timer is $time current $discription horse is $horse kid is $Child hero_apple is $hero_apple are ou infected $infected is z helping $z_help is $key_1 key_1 have the daiery $Dbook are we chased $chased<div id="backgrounds_living_room_2"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div" style="font-size: small">“The colour...it burns...cold an’ wet...but it burns." "...it lived in the well...suckin’ the life out of everything...poisoned the whole place..." "It was that same colour...jest the same, like the flowers an’ plants...must a’ ben more of ’em...seeds...they growed..." "It beats down your mind an’ then gits ye...burns yep...in the well water... you was right about that...evil water...can’t git away...draws ye...ye know summ’at’s comin’, but ’tain’t no use "Whar’s Nabby, Ammi?...my head’s no good...dun’t know how long senct I fed her...it’ll git her ef we ain’t keerful...jest a colour . . . " But that was all. That which spoke could speak no more because it had completely caved in. Tears stream down your face, but you feel something brush past you You hear a splash from outside. You have a choice-[[check out the well->go_to_well_4]] or [[leave this nightmare->beat_monster]] </div></div></div> testing page (set: $i to 1) (set: $j to 3) i si $i bad j is $j (if: $i > 0 and $j < 4)[ it works ] it will print somehitng if it works Double-click this passage to edit it.Double-click this passage to edit it.<div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Welcome to the main menu. [[Ammi Intro<-Begin the story.]] You have unlocked: 1:(if: $end_1 is 0)[locked](if: $end_1 is 1)[The well draws you] 2:(if: $end_2 is 0)[locked](if: $end_2 is 1)[Coward's Way] 3:(if: $end_4_1 is 0)[locked](if: $end_4_1 is 1)[Unclean? How so?] 4:(if: $end_4_2 is 0)[locked](if: $end_4_2 is 1)[...am I feeling ok?] 5:(if: $end_5 is 0)[locked](if: $end_5 is 1)[Scaredy Cat] 6:(if: $end_3_2 is 0)[locked](if: $end_3_2 is 1)[You should always listen to your wife] A bonus awaits if you can unlock ending 6! (if: $end_3_2 is 1)[Congrats! Room 4 is now unlocked!(set:$room_unlock to 1) visit that room for extra content!] (if: (count: (history:), "Menu") >= 1 )[ since this is your second attempt, you have the option to start off by skipping the [[intro ->checkonhero]]] </div></div></div> (set: $infection to 0)(set: $Child to 0)(set: $time to 0) (set: $z_help to 0)(set: $hero_apple to 0)(set: $horse to 0) (set: $key_1 to 0)(set:$chased to 0)(set:$key to 0)(set: $is_Child to 0)(set: $axe to 0) <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> (if: $time < 40 and $horse is 1)[ you grab Hero's reigns and hoist yourself up onto the saddle. It's time to go home. [[infection_check<-You ride into the night.]]] (if: $time < 40 and $horse is 0)[ Although Hero is long gone, there is still time to run home. The last rays of light guide your way as you sprint down the path and away from the darkness you've seen. [[infection_check<-You ignore your fatigue and sprint into the night.]]] (if: $time < 40 and $horse is 2)[ You say a quick prayer as you pass Hero's grey bloated corpse, ashamed you brought the trusty creature to such an evil place, and saddened you will leave your friend here. You sprint past the sorry sight and dissapear down the path, following the last rays of light. It's time to go home. [[infection_check<-You choke down sadness as you run.]]] (if: $time >= 40 and $horse is 0)[ The air is heavy around you and you know night has fallen. Hero is nowhere in sight. You gather your courage and run down the path away from the horrors you have seen. [[There is something wrong in the night->out_after_dark]] ] (if: $time >= 40 and $horse is 2)[ You stumble on Hero's grey bloated corpse as you run for the path, the darkness thick around you. You pray it's the last carcass of its kind you will ever see. Fear wells up in your heart. [[out_after_dark<-The trees glow softly as you pass them.]] ] (if: $time >= 40 and $horse is 1)[ Hero stamps, eyes filled with fear. The night is dark around the whinnying horse and the large animal tugs at his reigns. You leap into the saddle and hope the horse can find its way home in the darkness. [[There is something wrong in the night->out_after_dark]] ] </div></div></div><div id="Openplains"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You tear along the path, and when you get home your harried state startles your wife(if:$is_Child is 1)[ and $Child]. You want to say what happened, but the horror refuses to let itself be spoken. They will never understand what you've seen. No one will. (if: $infection > 1)[ Weeks later, you notice yourself growing paler. You start to lose your sense of taste. Your sense of self. Something compels you to go through the motions, but you feel yourself slowing down. One day you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. In the depths of your eyes, you see it. The alien color. The nightmare is just beginning. (set: $end_4_2 to 1) ] (if: $infection <= 1)[ Weeks later you have buried deep all the horrors you have seen. People learn to stop asking about what you saw; what you did. In time, they move on. You will always remember that alien color, but you know another [truth]<cl666|: (set: $end_4_1 to 1) (click:?cl666)[You have won.] ] [[back to main_menu->Menu]] </div></div></div>(set: $end_4 to 1) <div id="backgrounds_InfectedTreeEnding"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> The night vibrates around you, the trees almost humming as they sway from side to side. Something is very wrong. You hurry home as fast as you can. (if: $infection <= 1)[the woods explode upward in a flurry of alien color. The blast knocks you forward, the force tearing through your body before rocketing upward and into space. You never stood a chance. (if: $horse is 1)[ When they find your charred corpses, they can't tell what ash was once you and what was once Hero.] When they find your charred corpse they have a hard time identifying you.] <div style="margin-top:-30px"> (if: $infection >1)[She warned you, but you didn't listen. You glow softly in the night in tune with the trees, listening as the hum becomes a roar. The alien color pulls you back, tearing itself from your cells as it shoots into the sky, leaving nothing but ash behind. (if: $horse is 1)[ Hero screams as you disintegrate above him, but the force and heat quickly silence the animal.] They never find your body.] </div> (set: $end_3_2 to 1) [[Listen to your wife next time.->Menu]] </div></div></div> Double-click this passage to edit it.<div id="backgrounds_link8_extra"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> <div style=" font-size: large; color:yellow"> YAY behold the board!</div> kind of a let down huh? Imagine bug-checking this monster! [[back to the hallway->room_Selection]] <audio autoplay src="http://www.fionasplace.net/creepysounds/CREAK.wav"></audio> </div></div></div>audio code <audio autoplay loop src="http://www.fionasplace.net/creepysounds/CREAK.wav"></audio> <audio autoplay loop src="http://depts.washington.edu/physdx/audio/mr.mp3"></audio> <audio autoplay loop src="http://www.freespecialeffects.co.uk/soundfx/household/boiling_water.wav"></audio><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You pause, glancing at the closed door. Are you sure you want to go home? You may never find out what happened here. [[Leave this cursed place.->game_over_2]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You say your goodbyes, suddenly apprehensive. Could this be the last time you see your family? No, that's silly. ... Or at least you hope so. [[Head out.-> Main_Story_Starts_1]] </div> </div> </div> <div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> <b> THE COLOUR FROM SPACE </b> By Samara Fantie, Rehaf Aljammaz, and Dale Russel [[Menu<- Continue.]] Note: We recommend playing on Chrome or Firefox (full capabilites are not supported on Safari) </div></div></div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> You pause, glancing at the closed door. Are you sure you want to go home? You may never find out what happened here. [[I changed my mind; I want to stay.->arival]] [[Leave this cursed place.->game_over_2]] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> Your concern begins to overcome your fear and you decide it is time visit Nahum and see for yourself what the whispers are about... (if: $is_Child is 0)[ You tell your wife that you are going to go check on Nahum and his family. Although there is fear in her eyes, she lets you go as she is also worried about the Gardner family. [[She is proud of you for going->story_starts_2]]] (if: $is_Child is 1)[You tell your wife and $Child that you are going to go check on Nahum and his family. Although there is concern in their eyes, they let you go as they both care deeply for the Gardner family. [[They are proud of you for going->story_starts_2]] ] </div> </div> </div><div id="backgrounds_1"> <div id="blackbakcground"> <div id="text_div"> sadly, you do not have kidsthis time around [[start-> Main_Story_Starts_1]](set: $Child to 0)(set: $is_Child to 0) </div></div></div>Double-click this passage to edit it.